Sweet Sarah |Toronto Newborn Baby Photographer

Ok, I’ll admit it – sweet baby Sarah made me want to have another baby…like NOW…as in today… 😉 Since I have my hands pretty full already, I suppose I’ll wait to pop out a third baby for the moment. And that … Continue reading

Toronto Baby Photographer | Sweet baby Yousef

Baby in bucket photo

You may have noticed that I’ve been a little absent from the blogging world… this brutal Toronto winter was getting the best of me, so I took off with my family to Florida for a little while. I was hoping … Continue reading

Whose family am I photographing?!

I met and photographed this wonderful family before the holidays. They invited me into their beautiful Toronto home, which provided a perfect neutral backdrop for some lovely family shots! There were definitely points during the photo shoot where I thought … Continue reading


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Kind of…

After our mega move to Toronto, which included an 18 wheeler truck, a lot of stress and too much time to think about,  I FINALLY unpacked my computer today and I must say that I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I was so excited to set it up and have my third “baby” back in my life (note: I have a lot of third babies in my life, including my dog, my camera and my computer). Now if I could only get my internet to stop cutting in and out on it…then I’ll be back to my full blogging strength. I have one more blog post to write about a lovely family back in California (stay tuned!) and then I’ll be blogging about photography sessions in Toronto!

Considering we still have about 200 boxes to unpack and a lot of vacations and other fun things planned this summer, it may take me a while to get set up and start accepting new clients. But not to fear – it’ll happen as soon as I can get my act together! I’m really excited about starting my business here and have already been contacted by a few people wanting to book sessions. Hopefully these wonderful people will hold out for a month or so while I get situated – I can’t wait to meet all of my potential future clients!

Thanks to everyone who continued to follow my blog while I was MIA! Keep checking back 🙂