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I’ve been very torn over what to do with this blog. It’s been good to me, but I finally decided that it’s time to say, “so long, farewell” to it! One of the reasons I was hesitant to give it up is because I have so many amazing followers on here!! But my style has changed and therefore so must my blog…into a fabulous new Blogsite!! So before I get an even bigger following on here, it’s time to move. I’m SUPER excited about my new blog!! It really reflects me and my current photography style! Plus it is everything all rolled into one – website, blog, client viewing area, social media buttons…it’s really quite awesome! I also have a new logo to match my new “Photography Personality”.

I have just one teeny tiny favor to ask of all of you…


(pretty, pretty please)

Go over to, click on the “Blog” link, and show me some love by entering your e-mail address in the “Subscribe by Email” field to the right to follow my new blog! I promise I won’t disappoint 🙂

It’s been quiet on this blog recently because I didn’t want to post anything new until I could post it on my new site! I did manage to transfer over some of my existing blog content, so I’m happy about that. But you know what that means…LOTS OF BLOG UPDATES TO GET CAUGHT UP ON!! Head on over to my new stomping grounds and sign up for those updates ASAP! If you’re looking at my new Blogsite from a mobile device, it may look a little different, so definitely check out the awesome desktop version when you have a spare second!

Thanks in advance for being the most amazing blog followers a photographer could ask for 😉

Oh yes, and I can’t forget to mention – all the design work for my Blogsite was done by Aniya Jade Design! Head over to check her out as well – she is VERY talented, as you can see!


Why you should print your photos

I wrote this blog post for my Mommy blog, but feel that it applies over here on my photography blog as well!

For all my clients who I give digital photos to, make sure you get them printed and print them somewhere that offers outstanding quality! It may be more expensive, but it’s worth it – think about how much money you invested in your session and make sure that money doesn’t go to waste! I always recommend MPix as the best consumer lab (i.e. a lab that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to use) to get your photos printed.


A new blog has been added to the family! | Toronto family photographer

So many times I have wanted to write about my children, Mommyhood and other related topics on this blog. I keep having to remind myself that this is meant to be a blog for my photography, and while, sure, a post every now and then about my absolutely adorable and perfect children is just fine, the focus of this blog must remain on photography and my wonderful, special and amazing clients!

As such, I bring you my second blog – Life of a Mom Tog. If you’re interested in Mommy issues and my adorable and perfect children, please head on over and follow that blog! But please don’t stop following this blog – the content will be different (for the most part…I still plan on showcasing my over-documented children on here every now and then) and you’ll get to see plenty of photography over here! Why not follow both blogs?! 🙂

Life of a Mom Tog Blog



Happy Easter! | Toronto Child and Family Photographer

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Another Easter has come and gone! Does anyone else feel like time passes so incredibly quickly when you have kids? I very distinctly remember last year’s Easter egg hunt and it feels like just yesterday! My girls have certainly changed … Continue reading

First Real Ouchie = Traumatized Mommy

Black and white haze photo of child watching movie

WARNING!!! THIS POST MAY NOT BE FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!  Last Saturday I took my 3-year-old, Paityn to her best friend’s birthday party. Paityn had been talking about this party for MONTHS…I kid you not! Anyway, we were driving there, … Continue reading

I’m a member of the NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographers)!

This is a cause for celebration! Not to long ago, I was accepted as a member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP). I really haven’t been doing photography for all that long, and for the NAPCP to look at my website, portfolio and work and ultimately decide that I measured up to other amazingly talented photographers out there, was thrilling for me!

The NAPCP has been a great resource for me already. I have been able to learn from other very talented photographers, as well as share my knowledge. I look forward to every new session I have and the chance to see how much I’ve grown with the wealth of info I’ve inherited from this group.

Hiring a NAPCP member to take your family and/or children’s photos, ensures that you are hiring a photographer with a lot of expertise and talent…not to brag or anything 😉 But they do promote their photographers in that light. So it’s pretty awesome! Check out the NAPCP website –

Professional Child Photographer resource

Valentine Goodies! Happy (early) Love Day :)

I know it’s not Valentine’s Day until tomorrow, but I thought I would post this early in case anyone out there is looking for a last minute idea for class Valentines. Last year for my daughter, Paityn’s class Valentines I … Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! Christmas Mini Session Showcase :)

I held one afternoon of Christmas/Holiday Mini Sessions this year and they were a huge success!! I would have loved to have done more, but our family was busy traveling across the world (i.e. to Norfolk, Nebraska to visit my husband’s family…trust me – when you start of a trip with a 3-year-old puking everywhere, followed by delayed flights, husband on crutches, long car rides and lost luggage, it definitely feels like you’re traveling across the world, minus the pretty and diverse scenery). Paityn and Charlotte had a great time with their Grandparents and Aunt, so despite the travel nightmare, it was worth the visit! I also had a couple of full sessions to shoot right around mini session time, so more days of mini sessions were not in the cards this time around. Next year I’ll do my best to keep an open schedule around the holidays 😉

It’s been an eventful last few days in Toronto, to say the least! We just bought a new house, after living with my mom for the last six months, and were all set to move on December 16th. It was a very cold move and our whole family managed to get the flu, ear infections and other illnesses so our moving timeline was dragged out by quite a bit. Eventful week! We finally moved ourselves into our house on December 20th. Things were (and are) very chaotic, but were going well nonetheless…until this massive ice storm hit and we lost power on Sunday morning. My mom still had power, so guess what…”we’re baaaaaaaaaaack, Mom”. Luckily our power was restored by the next day and we were able to move back into our new home. Unfortunately for many people in Toronto, power is still down and most likely will be by tomorrow. I feel for you, Torontonians without power! It’s not fun, especially in this frigid weather.

Hopefully these photos will add some warmth to your holidays! Here are some of my favorite photos from this year’s Christmas/holiday mini sessions!

Starting with my kiddos, Paityn and Charlotte:

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 9

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 19

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 17

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 10

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 11

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 20

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 18

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 21

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 16

And photos of some other wonderful families, babies and children:

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer - 1

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 5

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 6

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 12

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer - 3

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 13

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 7

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer - 2

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 8

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 14

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer 15

Toronto Christmas Holiday Mini Session Photographer - 4

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!

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