My little one’s Charlotte’s Web Farm Party was featured on Kara’s Party Ideas!!!

As some of you may have remembered me mentioning in a previous post, I may have gone slightly overboard planning my one year old, Charlotte’s first birthday party. Kara, from the website, Kara’s Party Ideas, apparently agreed with me because she featured Charlotte’s Party!! Kara features the most amazing parties!! I have been a faithful follower of her blog for some time now. Check out the Charlotte’s Web Farm themed birthday party¬†I threw for my little one! And the couple that you see wearing black tie attire…that would be my sister and her hubby. Definitely the only people to ever show up to a one year old’s birthday party wearing fancy clothes (they were headed to a formal wedding after).

Here are some more photos of Charlotte’s party! Most were taken by my friend, Jenna Wakani. Some also taken by me when I had two free hands (very rare these days)! The wonderful vendors who helped with this party are listed on the post on Kara’s blog.

I’m getting asked (mostly by my family) what I’m going to do with all these Charlotte’s Web, Farm and Spider themed decorations. Well, I guess I should refrain from being a pack rat and sell the things I don’t have much use for any more (unless I add ‘Professional Party Planner’ to my list of job titles…still thinking about that one ;) ). If you’re interested in buying this Charlotte’s Web party package, send me an e-mail at and I’ll let you know what’s included!

Charlottes Web Party Toronto Family Photoraphy 1

Charlottes Web Party Toronto Family Photoraphy

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